Recycle & Win

After you finish a bottle or can of a refreshing Coca-Cola product, we want you to "Give It Back!" All of us at Coca-Cola are looking for new and creative ways to ensure that all of our packages get recycled.

Coca-Cola believes recycling should be a rewarding we created the "Recycle & Win" program. Thus far, we have partnered with various cities and counties in Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee to promote awareness of good recycling practices. By teaming up with great retail partners like Harris Teeter, Kroger and BI-LO, residents can win gift certificates for groceries if they are caught recycling the right way.

The program is fun and easy. All residents in the selected program area are mailed a brochure with an opt-in sticker explaining the rules. If you want to participate, just place the sticker on your recycling bin and place the bin at the curb on your regular recycling day containing your recyclables.

The Recycle & Win Patrol team randomly visits neighborhoods looking for winners. So, if you have the sticker on your bin and are recycling the right way you can be a winner. You just need to recycle to win!

We are continuing to expand the program to cities and towns across the Southeast. The Recycle & Win Patrol could be visiting your neighborhood very soon so be on the look-out. In the meantime, practice recycling in your hometown. It's good for the planet and that is a winning strategy no matter where you live.